Adding data to Smartsheet through Uipath

Im working on an application and I want to log in all the log messages encountered into a smartsheet. I have the smartsheet link and Access token.

Below are the steps I executed:

  1. smartsheet scope-added the access Token
  2. Get Sheet- I have given the sheet id ex. sheetid-"1234566’
  3. Import Sheet from CSV/XLSX- Here I have provided the sheet Name- ex “sheet1” and folderpath where the excel file is present and have given the Sheet out parameter as the output of step2.

I have also added a message box to print the output-variablename.success- and the output is coming "True’. But I dont see the data added in the Smartsheet.

Not sure if the steps followed are correct. It would be grat help if anyone could tell me how to go about it.

Thanks in Advance.

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Hey @neetinarvekar2

Kindly make sure your sheet name and local file path is right and also it has data in it.