Adding Data in same column again and again

Hi, can anyone help me into this, i have to process the data result should be write 5 times in same column
Like for Last name data there are 5 values and all appropriate values should be written only in 1 last name column for one first name.

/please help

Hi @Anjali_Rani

Can you show one sample input and output.
What is the source of input?

Do you want the output in this format



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You can try using linq-group by and get the datarows, put in datable abd hence in excel

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yes ,This is input as an Googlesheet image
There is one condition i have , in which it will check for 5 last name and the good one is appended in Last name as, image
and then status field is marked as yes.
Like this

This would be a great use of dictionaries and lists. You can create dictionary(of string, list) and then loop through your data. You can then reference the lists the same way you’d reference any dictionary item. You can add the last name to each list.

For example, you’d have myDict(“James”) which contains a list “Bond, Cameron”

Then you can write that data to the spreadsheet.

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Thank you. If possible Please help me with xaml file.

Where are the last name given?

ok, Like image

i have 3 fields , i will first check email by , then,, so whichever the valid email i got should go on Email column, , so here, and should append in email column,I will validate this email and after append in Email field


This is a new requirement. I am unable to understand.