Adding data from excel headers into web field

I have to add district(Which is in yellow colour) Into web application

In this field I have to add district

How can I achieve this?

You have to use the Select Item Activity and as input value use the excel column item


I didnt get you…What should be the input value? (Can you elaborate please)

It depends on how you have built the workflow.
After you indicate target on screen, UIPath generates a dropdown list of the available items to select, after which you can decide whether to specifically select those or pass a variable for the district value.


Hi @Giriraj_Vishwas_Hande ,

Use Workbook read range activity to read the whole content into Datatable.

Use Foe each loop and assign your data table to loop one by one row.

inside for each loop use one if condition like

if → CurrentRow(“NOTARY ADVOCATE NAME”).tostring<>“” so it will avoid the district name header (eg: Vizianagaram dist in yellow color)

then approach → Use switch case → CurrentRow(“AREA OF PRACTICE”).tostring.tolower.contains(“viziangaram”) OR CurrentRow(“AREA OF PRACTICE”).tostring.tolower.contains(“srikakulam”) we have to select the drop down. here in this case we can use select item activity and pass the value as Vizianagaram to select the vizianagaram district.

we can create n number of cases for switch case to select the vizag and other district.

i am not sure i am ware of like srikakulam also one of the district right but it is comingunder vizianagaram.

we can achieve your requirement through switch case with the area of practice column instead of reading the yellow color headers. please give it a try. thanks.

There are 13 districts…

PFA Input file
AP-ADVOCATES.xlsx (34.9 KB)

Hi Giriraj_Vishwas_Hande
I also got a same project which you have received… i develop it and also attached the zip file for your reference.
Let me know if any further information is required.

Notary Advocate (43.1 KB)