Adding Color to Headers

Hi, I have this automation that outputs the sums and headers from another report sheet which I provided down below. I want to add a blue color to the headers. How and where in my code can I add color to the headers once it outputs the table (screenshot below of output).

Main - Copy.xaml (37.8 KB)

CurrentYearConcurYTD - Copy.xlsx (67.0 KB)

Hi @Pranav_KomandurPK,

We have Set Range Color in Excel Application Scope Activity.

  1. Use Excel Application Scope activity and provide file path.
  2. Drag Set Range Color activity and provide below parameters.
    Color = System.Drawing.Color.Blue
    Range = “A1:F1”
    SheetName = “March 2021_temp”

Please find below attached image for more information.



Hi @Pranav_KomandurPK
In addition to solution provided by @Vijay_Kumar_C , i would like to add one more point here

if the column numbers are varying, u can use the below method to give the dynamic range in set range color as specified by @Vijay_Kumar_C


Nived N
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Hi, thank you so much for this I really appreciate that. So in addition to this, how can I make it where all 3 months (January, February, and March) have that color instead of just march having the color

Nevermind I just added the rowU(“Billing Period”).ToString+“_temp” to my SheetName Input, thank you for your help!

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