Adding Blank rows

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Hi @Yoichi,

My Invoke Method is giving an error:

Please help.


Can you share screenshot of setting of Parameters? There may be misconfiguration.


Solved that @Yoichi. Thanks.

Hi @yash.choursia

Please use the below linq expression,

(From row In inputDataTable.AsEnumerable()
Let rank = row("Rankings").ToString()
Let count = inputDataTable.AsEnumerable().Count(Function(r) r("Rankings").ToString() = rank)
Let newRow = If(count >= 1 AndAlso row.Equals(inputDataTable.AsEnumerable().Last(Function(r) r("Rankings").ToString() = rank)), inputDataTable.NewRow(), Nothing)
Select row, newRow).SelectMany(Function(x) If(x.newRow IsNot Nothing, {x.row, x.newRow}, {x.row})).CopyToDataTable()

Hope it helps!!


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