Adding $amount in pdf

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So the solution for your query is available now. Below is the walkthrough for the same.
Main.xaml (26.0 KB)

Actually the input you have shown is in Img format so for a while to work on it I have made one dummy Excel File which will include data from Column “Account Name/ Policy Number” and Column “Premium/Net Change” bcz another data was not required for processing the output for your issue as requested.
Add Premium Amt.xlsx (11.3 KB)

Below is the Excel SS taken as an input :-

This img is just to verify the output total for each policy SEQUENTIALLY der inside excel :-

Below is the output Panel shown after running the workflow. Every Last line for that Particular Policy No will be its total. To verify you can calculate on Calci.
James Elesh 268164902 = 23637, Dr. Howard … 268176953 = 6186, Robert W Tuner 268160379 = 5090

Hope this may help to solve your query
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