Adding a selected value binding causes "no data" issue for custom list

I have a custom list that is being populated by a process that reads in an excel file. The list gets populated with no issues when I have no selected value binding. For each item in the custom list, I need the ability to add it to a queue via a button. However, when I try to use the “Selected Value Binding” field to bind the value to the input for another process, the list will just show “no data”. Any ideas on what could be causing this. I am doing the very same thing in a different page in the App and it works with no issues, so I am quite confused.

Hi Brandon,

In your case, it looks like you are trying to bind String Type to List type variable.
When you bind ‘selected value’ to variable/argument it should be string.
And if you are trying to provide selected value as input to other process make sure you drag and drop argument, please refer attached screenshot.