ADDING A RECURRENCE to a "set text" and "click" activity?

Hello community,

I am new to the Uipath Studio tool.

I created robot where the last activities are:

  • set text
  • click

I would like to play these last 2 stages every 30 minutes

could you please help me?

Thank you


Hi! @HGH Not sure what are you doing …if doing that will be the best …but anyways …probably aswering your question …you could use the delay activity for that purpose.

You’d use the Retry Scope activity for this, but why are you doing this? Having an automation sit and wait a half hour to do the next thing really isn’t good process design. Why not just schedule it to run every 30 minutes?


Welcome to uipath forum

Be it attended or unattended Automation
When it is 30 minutes of wait time you would be in need to spend a lot of time in monitoring which Is more like doing it manually

So avoid waiting for 30 mins and instead publish that project to orchestrator and set the schedule to run for every 30 minutes which is a ideal solution for this scenario

If you don’t have orchestrator with you then I would suggest to try with community edition for trial purposes

Cheers @HGH