Adding a decimal seperator

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I have created a program that reads data from excel, sorts it and sends a mail to the appointed users.
Now as seen in the picture the data does not have a decimal seperator. I’m trying to implement it with a for each loop. But the decimal numbers are so diffrend that splitting them to add a “.” is not working out for me. I need a way to do this more efficient or atleast split data on … lets say the string lengt of 3 but starting from the right… so the lenght of the number doesnt mether.!

If anyone knows a solution to this, be so kind to help me!

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Does the , in the rows is the one you need as a decimal value like 154642807406,4 where , has to be replaced with . is that the requirement?
Pavan H

Wanted output: 154.642.807.406,4

Some countries use this syntax (might help to understand my issue): 154,642,807,406.4

But keep in mind the numbers lenght changes so a fix split wont work. Cause when you start from the left somethimes it has to be splitted starting with 2 then 3 e.x. : 54.487.687,45

This loop might help you in the issue,

let us know if this solves your issue.
Pavan H


Does what i needed. Thank you for awesome support!

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