Adding 5000 items to Queue


I’m trying to add 5000 items at a time to the Queue. There is no error but items are not adding to the queue. Queue is empty.

Is there any limit(adding items at a time) to the Queue?


I think For each loop is not executing. It’s not printing anything in the output panel.
See the highlighted area where it suppose to print these logging info.

Any idea?

@Sat can you share your code to look into? There can be multiple possibilities for your loop not executing. May be something to deal with the iterating variable ‘Name’ or might be something with DataTable.

Sharing the code will give better insights.


@atinder, Sorry, I can’t share the workflow. If I run for a project with small no. of rows (6 items), it’s working fine and adding to the queue.


Have you tried the activity Bulk Add Queue Items?

I know from experience (cause I had a user try to submit 250k transaction items :open_mouth: )… that adding queue items is pretty slow. 5k items might take 20-30mins to add, but if you watch the Queue, the items should be adding little by little. If they are not adding, then maybe something else is wrong which I am not sure of.

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@bcorrea, I haven’t, let me try it.


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