Added date format

Hi guys,

I am looking for the bot to read a date in salesforce and enter the date into a excel doc before uploading the doc to Xero. WHne copying the date the bot copy’s the date as 04 13 2020 and enters into the excel doc like that. But i get an error when uploading the doc to Xero as i need it in 04/13/2020 format. The date is stored in a variable.

How can i go about making this change?

appreciate any help

Ive just tested the storing of the date and the bot picks the date up as 04/13/2020 but when typing into excel it is typing the date as 04 13 2020.

Can anyone help me here?

@nick.v Use Write Line and Check the Value of the Date after date is being Extracted.

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the value is 04/13/2020 which is fine just excel doesn’t acknowledge the “/” in the date so when i upload the doc Xero give me an error saying the date format is incorrect

@nick.v What are the Steps you are performing to write into Excel ?

get text to stored the date and then write cell into excel @supermanPunch