Adddatarow increasing the value

in the above picture you can see. when im using addatarow the values are increasing. it should be like belove pic ccvv


Can I see how the value is passed in add Datarow activity


After add Datarow I could see you are passing value to each cell using a assign activity

I’m you shared the left side of that assign activity but can I see the right side part

I think that’s the issue

Cheers @arjun.reddy

right side one is the row data

Dear Arjun,

Could you please try the below way for your issue:

Pass default values while adding rows using AddRow activity instead of passing empty rows {}.Yo can set the default values as {0,0,0,0,0} (depending upon number of columns and assuming datatype as integer (“” for string)

Attaching a sample xaml showcasing the above point

ForumAddRowIssue.xaml (9.8 KB)

Geetishree Rao

im getting this error and in my case columns will change everyday. today there will be 4 columns tomorrow there will be more or less columns.

Dear Arjun,
The error indicates that it is expecting 0 as default value but instead a string is passed.

Can u modify the ArrayRow if the firstcolumn is STD then {0,0,0,0,0} and check.

If your column count is dynamic ,then you can add a condition and dynamically create a datarow/arrayrow and assign it in the AddRow activity