"Add Verification"

how can we use “Add Verification” this option., appreciate any help please…

Hi @Riphath

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Are you talking about any particular activity or are you looking to verify some input data?

Can you elaborate your question please?

Thank you Surya,
I am working on a portal which has many controls and one of the controls that I need to work with doesnt have any name unlike others (which are automatically identified by UI Path), so, in the current context, I want to verify if the selected control is the required control or not before I proceed.

so thinking, if this verification would help me to confirm, if I have selected the right control.

please do let me know, if you have any further queries.

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Riphath Athyala.

Is it possible for you tell me what action you want to perform and on which portal?

Are you trying to click an element or type into or get text from a label?

@Riphath , if I understood correctly, you want to verify weather the captured element is correct or not. If yes, here is the solution.
1.you can click on edit selector and use “Highlight” . so that it will highlight the selected element.
2. You can use UiExplorer to find the correct selector and also you can highlight the element.

Please let me know if you are not looking for this.

Thank you very much surya, unfortunately, I cannot upload any picture to get us into correct context as I am operating from Company Environment.
I am working on company internal portal, where the dev team has placed excel icon, and when any user clicks on that icon, the excel file is extracted onto desktop or default download folder. The development (i believe) didnot name this icon and hence it is reflecting as “div” as control name
Question: so, I used anchor to select this excel icon (very small in size), when UI Path comes to this step, it displays a big message box with response: coundnot find control, when I click RETRY it could find it correctly. Later I placed two anchors to identify this excel icon, this, also doesnt work, and displaying the same message box.

requirement: I should be able to select this excel icon, the first time, so that I may not click manually to run the robo. - here is what I am looking for “Add Verification” option, thinking, there is any possibility to check if the selection is correct.

I am very new to UI Path, but have fair amount of programming experience (just to support my context). Appreciate any guidance or any links to the context.

Thank you Satish, I will try with this and will update you…

with regards
Riphath Athyala.

Hi Riphath, there is an activity called GET ATTRIBUTE, you need to indentify an unique attribute of that Icon and then take it with that activity, after that you can validate if the attribute contains the correct feature

Hi @Riphath

Try this:

To verify if that excel icon exists, use image exists activity and save output in a Boolean variable.

If icon exists, use click image activity to click on that excel icon.

While indicating image from studio activities, hover the mouse on the icon, left click and select region around that icon(similar to selection when we take screenshots using snipping tool)

Click image helps when you don’t find a unique selector. So I think this will work for you