Add values from different cells to one array or list and print it all together

I’m a beginner in RPA, I just made some easy robots, but now I have to do something for my work and I just don’t get it.

I have to get values from some rows and then print them on the excel. So I have something like this

for each row in table1
get variableX
for each line table2
get variable Y
IF variable X = Variable Y
store VariableZ somewhere (i dont know if a list or an array)

but the thing is that there are going to be multiple matches, so variableX can match 3 times variableY and I have to print those 3 variableZ values in one cell.

I don’t know if I explain myself :frowning:
Thanks for reading.

Hi @Mnc_G ,

As per my understanding on the requirement your mentioned your post I am sharing my suggestion as below. I think we have to go for nested for each row table.

Create one string array stringarr with arraytype.

  1. Use For each row table activity assign your First data table (assume FirstDT)

To get the VariableX= Current Row(“YourColumnNametable1”).tostring

  1. Use another For each row table activity inside first for each and assign your second datatable (assume SecondDT)

To get variableY = CurrentRow(“Yourcolumnnameintable2”).tostring

Inside this second for each loop use one if condition and add your expression like

If → VariableX = VariableY

Then flow →

I assume variableZ is from table 2

VariableZ = CurrentRow(“Yoircolumnnamefor table2”).tostring

use Add to collection and input list is your stringarr and item should be your Varaiablez
And type argument you have to select string.

Else part leave it empty.

At the end of the flow what and all matching the variableZ will be stored in to stringarray.

I hope the above logic might helpful for your requirement. Thanks.

Thanks for your help!

I put what you said about the collection but it says the property collection of add to collection is not initialized, I search about it but I saw an example with a list

New System.Collection.Generic.List(Of String)

And I see theres no .Array, do you know how do I initialize this?

And excuse me, do you know how can I print the collection in a single excel cell?
For example the 3 matches of VariableZ needs to appear in one cell like “one two three”

Thanks again.

Hi @Mnc_G

Actually you devloped a flow pretty a well

Just need to add one more step

After two for each rows

If variable x= varaible y

variable z= variablez +Environment.newline+value you want to add ex:currentrow(“column1”).ToString

Thats it it will automatically append all the matched values in a single variable z

Use the variable z where you want to use in excel it will write all the matched values into single row

Hope its solves your issue


Thanks for your help!

I tried what you said but I only get the last item i found, not all.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I’ll check it

Thanks a lot.

can you share your flow with dummy data

Main.xaml (14.4 KB)

I made an example.

I couldnt upload the excel but I put the images of the tables, the one called “hoja2” has the result that I get, It prints just the last match instead of 123 in apple.

Maybe my mistake it’s too visible but… I can’t get it Im sorry.



Check below thread for your reference

Hope this will help you


Hi @Mnc_G

I have modified few changes in your flow and i also attached the output with this
I it is writing the matched values in a single cell , Have a look at Matched sheet (“output sheet”)
hope its solves your issue
Update us whether you a desired solution or not
Libro2.xlsx (10.5 KB)
Main (4).xaml (15.5 KB)


I see, it’s something like that but my desired values are the ones that will print in the column “responsable” in my “Hoja2”, in the photos I put for example, in apple it only store the number 3, when I want:

apple 123
blue 9
star 8

and the other ones should stay where they are

I don’t know if I explain. But I will try to do it with what I saw on your flow, thank you!

Please find the attached xaml file now its working as per your requirement
Main (4).xaml (23.4 KB)


Thank you so much for your time, patience and help!!

Really appreciated :smiley:

Have a nice day. Happy New Year!

Your welcome
Same to you

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