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Hi guys,
I was trying to add a user to my tenant so that she can run the bots manually during her timezone. However the orchestrator ( is only providing two roles: Robot and Admin.

Is there a way I can add her with just bot running privileges?

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Hi buddy @abchakraborty

Yes you can create a user with the option of plus symbol at the right top of the page users…you need to give the username, surname and mailid with passwords…
While login the next user must login same tenant name but with new email id and password buddy


I am able to add user, but I am not able to assign it any role other than robot or administrator. I wanted to add a custom role like developer

hello @abchakraborty

you can add roles as you need
i attached screen shoot for reference




You can also add role buddy same go to users tab and roles tab, click plus symbol at the right topcorner buddy @abchakraborty,

But make sure you have enabled certain roles for sure like settings, robots and processes…

Thats all buddy you are done…

Do let know if it woks buddy… @abchakraborty


This is awesome! Let me try this and I will post here if I have any questions

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after creating roles you can add in user section through edit or add new user


I had earlier added the user as an admin but I am not able to delete her anymore. Is there a way I can delete her privileges as admin and replace it with a custom role?

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i think there no option to delete admin user but you can change his role by editing

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Buddy @abchakraborty you cannot remove the admin but you can give all the roles of admin to him, that makes sense…admin is something default that cannot be removed from roles Buddy

is that working buddy @abchakraborty

Yes, it is working now! Thanks a lot!

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please mark as solution that post that help you


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