Add Two Numbers lol + 'Assign' and question

So I went to update/check for any new packages in studio this morning, and I saw this block/activity/package called ‘Add-Two-Numbers’ and I felt super …


you needed a custom activity for that? Then I figured it was probably custom activity / nuget package test … Of course , we could use the standard ‘assign’ activity and add two numbers as if it were any other platform/language x=y+z …

I’ve used examples from this community forum that use c# or references using the assign activity … for example , I could get the row count for a datatable like this if i wanted to : x =
DataTableName.Rows.OfType(Of DataRow).Where(Function(r As DataRow) String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(String.Concat(r.ItemArray).ToString) = False).Count

These are methods/properties that we’re leveraging in the assign block … my question is , what limitations exist for invoking .net methods ?