Add two attributes in Edit Selector

Hi guys. I have to select dates from a datepicker, with the year and month I was able to solve it. I have a problem with days.

To make a selector dynamic, the only way is to make it dynamic by adding a variable to “class”. The problem is that there are 3 classes of “class”. One for the days of the week, one for the weekends, and one for the days that are from previous months, but are displayed on the calendar.

How can I select two variables? (weekdays and weekend)


I need the firsts two codes:

class='z-calendar-cell z-calendar-weekday z-calendar-selected'
class='z-calendar-cell z-calendar-weekend'
class='z-calendar-cell z-calendar-weekday z-calendar-outside'

Can you help me please?!

Hi @carlos_sabino,

Right know i cant think in a way to handle those selectors in only element.

A workaround solution that u can is to use “Element exist” in order to check if the available element is of class “z-calendar-cell z-calendar-weekday z-calendar-selected” or “z-calendar-cell z-calendar-weekend”

So it would be something like these:

  1. Element exist with class “z-calendar-cell z-calendar-weekday z-calendar-selected”
  2. If exist → Click the element
    2.1 Else → Element exist with class “z-calendar-cell z-calendar-weekend”
    2.1.1 If exist → Click the element
    2.1.2 Else → Element is not on weekday inside month nor weekend

I thought about doing that, but all the attributes are the same except “class”.

The only option that occurs to me is to put Excel if that date is a weekend or day of the week. Doing that, I could do the option you indicate. But I want to try to avoid manipulating the original Excel.