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How to add multiple lines as one line into queue and after get transaction we should get multiple line again ( Example If have 10 lines with 2 POs with 5 lines each So I should filter according to PO number and should add to queue as only 2 line in queue and after getting from queue I should get all 5 lines for each queue.

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Can you please provide a screenshot or present it in a Table format for better understanding?



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dt1.AsEnumerable.Select(Function(r) r(“columnname”).ToString.Trim ).Distinct.ToArray - This will give you list of distinct account numbers

  1. Use for loop on the above array and then use filter datatable to get each set of records…then
    String.Join("|||",dtFiltered.AsEnumerable.Select(function(x) String.Join(":::",x.ItemArray)))

Now here each row is joined with '|||' and each column in the rows are joined by ':::' Which can be added to queue as queue supports Strings. When you retrieve the data from queue use generate datatable with column separator as ':::' and row separator as '|||' then you will get datatable back

The downside of this is you need to convert always and also if data is huge queue might not support

  1. You can add only the unique account numbers generated by first expression to the queue and then when retrieved use it as a filter to get only those rows and process


Hi @Rajesh_Rao ,

I assume you have tel lines related two PO in the source like excel or DB. Extract your all line items for multiple PO into data table.

Use build data table to create one data table to store only PO header info having only PO related info.

Use for each row loop to load only po header info into this PO header data table. Once you get the po info insert this into work queue. Now work queue contains the two line of PO details.

Use the data table which contains all the line item details info as input argument to process transaction flow of re framework.

Once you get one by one transaction item retrieve the po details and use filter on the line item details data table to get the line item details related to that PO.

Try implementing above and let us know. Thanks

Hi @Rajesh_Rao,

I would suggest you to checkout the below link - Uipath Tutorial | Add Item into Queue (Part -I) - YouTube