Add to dictionary not available on cross platform processes

Hello everyone,

I want to create a process where I would need to use a dictionary in order to take certain values but I cannot find the add to dictionary activity in a cross platform process.
Does anyone know how can I find it? If it isn’t available what else can I use?

Thank you!

Hi @johnathanemanueldoe ,

You could directly use an Assign Activity for adding the values to Dictionary.

dictValues("KeyName") = "Value"

But you would first require to initialise the Dictionary variable with it’s type like below :

dictValues = Dictionary(Of String,String)

described procedures can also be used on cross platform processes

Thank you for your answer @supermanPunch

Thank you for your answer @ppr

Hello again,

I am struggling a bit with these options so I will explain what I want to do.

In previous version of process of updating I had an assign where I had:

Where Message_dict is New Dictionary (Of String,Tuple (Of String, String, String))
And English is a tuple formed from three answers:

  1. Incorrect.
  2. Identical message
  3. Email with the variable of the expeditor was updated with the new email variable
    Tuple looks like this for English

Tuple.Create(“Incorrect sender address format”,“New e-mail address identical to the adresse of the sender”,"Email “+Email_expeditor+” was updated with "+Value_newemail)

Same for the other two assigns, French and Spanish.

Then 3 assigns messages:

  1. Fail_format_incorrect - Message_dict.Item(Limba_email).Item1
    2.Fail_email_identical - Message_dict.Item(Limba_email).Item2
  2. Succes - Message_dict.Item(Limba_email).Item3

And would take for the each language based on the dictionary the proper message based on the case.

How can I do this without the dictionary activity? I’m a bit confused.


Adding a new entry (Assign Activity)
Message_dict("English") = English

English similar to:

Worked perfectly! Thanks alot! :grinning:

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