Add to dictionary: Column 'Title' does not belong to table DataTable


I am sending details from excel to auto email, where I got this error. However, I added all the variables everything currently. Can anyone help to resolve it?

Can you pls guide from where to add it?

This Means that the Row we are evaluating Does not have column “Title” .

  1. Please Run the Code in the Debug Mode and Put a Debugger as seen in the Screenshot.
  2. Expand the Row in the Variables from the Local, You will notice there is no Column as “Title”.
  3. Now Validate the Source where we are Filling the DataTable.
  4. Instead of using the Column name , we can also use the Column Number .E.g - If the Column Title is Always Coming as secind column - we can write row(1).ToString instead of row(“Title”).To String.



From your screenshot, the column name seems "Title ".(There is an extra space at the end of string)
So can you try row("Title ").ToString in Add to dictionary activity?



Now i got this error
Add to dictionary: Column 'Details ’ does not belong to table DataTable.


Can you try row("DetailsTo").ToString ?



There is no such Details I believe, as we see from the screenshot it is DetailsTo, so try with that