Add To A Number For Next Time It Runs

Hey all,
I am fairly new to UIPath and I was wondering if it would be possible for me to store a number in a variable and add a set amount to that number every time i run the workflow. For instance: I have the number 3500 and i need to add 500 to it and then submit that new number and then the next day when i run it the number will be 4000 and i add 500 to that and then submit it.

You can achieve that using assets and the Get/Set activities for them:

I currently only have access to the community edition so i do not have Orchestrator to be able to do that.

You can store your number in a file and that you read and update after each run of the process.

You can use Orchestrator with the community edition. You can follow this LINK.

I highly recommend using Orchestrator if you are going to have access to the internet when running this workflow, but it is also possible to store your value in an excel spreadsheet or even a simple text file.