Add to A Collection of strings and loop through

Hi All,

I am scraping a Datatable and have rows of data, I would like to add three pieces of the data to a collection/Dictionary, which I can then loop through each entry and action each one, similar to what is done when adding items to a queue item, and then subsequently using this data, for each entry.

Eg:(Row1) “AlertID”: 1234, “ID2”: Hello, “ID3”: This
(Row2) “AlertID”: 5678, “ID2”: Goodbye, “ID3”: That

I would like to add each 3 items, with the Keys and values, and then be able to loop through each entry eg: For Each ‘Row’ in the collection, and be able to call upon “AlertID” of the first one to get 1234, and so on and so forth.

Any help would be great! :smiley:

have a look here

you can get to know how we can convert a datatable into a dictionary

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