Add the user into Excel at the last

I have an Excel DB with the column (Name, email, phone). I am taking the Name as input from the user, if the user found then doing some actions and If not I need to open a form to register the user and that entry should go to the End of the Excel sheet.

I am stuck at the point of adding user/ append data
Any idea or suggestions are appreciated

Hi @Gagan_Chaudhari

You can try with Append Range activity. It will append data at last of the record

Check out the official documentation


HI @Gagan_Chaudhari

Use Append Range activity


Hi @Gagan_Chaudhari ,

Depending on the method used or the number of times you would ask Input from the user, You could Simply use Write Cell Activity to write the value to the appropriate cell, Or if a Datatable is being used then you could use Add Data Row Activity and use Write Datatable to Excel Activity to update the data back to Excel.

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