Add text (String) output from for each data row to add to datatable then add to excel

How do I add text (String) output from for each data row to add to datatable then add to excel?

Yah we can get the output from for each row activity with a specific column as a string
Like this
Str_output = row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString
Where str_output is a string which can be used
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Thank you.That works, How do i filter out particular rows? the out put string is unstructure. I can for each row through the output because i have added it all to a generate data table. after the generate data table i have added a for each which is working but because the generate data table has but all data in one column on many rows i now need to filter the rows plus merger some row data ?

That’s possible we have FILTER DATATABLE activity or we can use SELECT method of datatable to filter out
May I know how does the column values look like and what we will be filtering out
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Hi @rohangroombridge

You can use filter data-table activity for the same!!!

Hmmm ok. I dont see where to use the SELECT method? mind guiding me. I am very new. Sorry.

No problem
Here it would be like
Yourdatatablename = Yourdatatablename.Select(“[yourcolumnname] = ‘yourvalue’ AND [yourcolumnname1] = ‘yourvalue’ “)

Instead of AND we can use other logical operator as like OR
And instead of = we can use > < >= <= <>
Or we can use only one expression without a AND

Yourdatatablename.Select(“[yourcolumnname] = ‘yourvalue’ “)

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here you go (16.6 KB)

Cheers @rohangroombridge

Thank you. Would you mind explaining your workflow? (4)(0) refers to row index?

How would i merge multiple rows? say 4 rows to one?

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