Add text in every line in text file

I want to add text in the last word in every line

From picture below : I want to add |office|wfh in every line

image text.txt (59 Bytes)

Please guide me about it.

Hello @fairymemay :wave:

Here’s a sample workflow for you to try: Fairymemay_Forum.xaml (6.6 KB)

Let me know if you are facing any issues!


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Main.xaml (10.7 KB)
Here is the sample workflow

@ImPratham45 If I want add text in the last word except row1.
Please suggest me.

Use Counter by assign before For each say Counter=1
If counter=1
then skip else
add string and add counter +1

@ImPratham45 Is that correct?


It error in assign as below.


Dont Put both condition in IF use first If for Counter only

@ImPratham45 Right?

Yea try this
You forgot IF for blank i.e. “”

@ImPratham45 I don’t understand IF for blank i.e. “”

The condition which you have mentioned above

@ImPratham45 Right?

Yes Right
put it inside else block of first IF i.e. Counter IF

@ImPratham45 Sorry. but I don’t understand.
Please guide me.

If Counter=1

Increment Counter=Counter+1


If Item.Tostring.Trim=“”

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