Add specific data in transaction item (In progress) in Orchestrator Queue

Problem statement: To pick transaction item and process it further. At the end, add two more fields in queue item and mark it complete after updating specific data of transaction item.

Sol : There are two options for this problem statement.

Option 1 : Use data service entitiea to keep it separate and add two fields and other relevant fields from queue item.

Option 2 : exploring any existing Studio activities or workaround solution to do.

I’m afraid it’s not possible using activities in Studio

Editing an item’s specific data is possible since 2019.10 via Orchestrator and Orchestrator API. That requires a json input to get the items updated.

or you can create a new entry with an the updated fields

Thanks @rahulsharma : Let me explore API to update items.

Hello @Sonalk ,

Were you able to find solution to this?

Thank you.

The API is the solution.

Hi @postwick ,

Can you please share the End Point and Activity property details for Posting using API?

Thank you.

You get that from the Swagger interface.


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