Add space at the end of each row


What is the best way to add a space to the end of each row in a string?

e.g. I have a string with data such as:
Company Name 1
Company Name 2

After the 1 and the 2 i want a space to appear.


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Buddy @jon1302

  1. use a excel application scope to read the exel
  2. use a read range activity to get the data from the excel with output variable out_dt
  3. use a For each row loop to iterate through each row in a datatable out_dt
    use a assign activity with variable like this
    row(“ColumnName_1”) = row(“ColumnName_1”).ToString+" "

this will add a space at the end of each ow value

Hope this would help you buddy


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Hi @jon1302

You can use Assign activity.
For example: “Company Name 1” + " "

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