Add row end datatable

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how to add a data row at the end of a datatable?
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Refer the link given below.


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How to add a datarow at the end of a datatable?
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Buddy @CamiCat
whenever a datarow is added it will get added to the end of a datatable only buddy…
So use a add data row activity to add a new row and it can be done like,
–in add data row activity, for datatable input, pass the value as datatablevariable and
–in datarow input pass the value as datatablevariable.NewRow
else you can use invoke method with object as datatablevariable.Rows and method as Add and parameter with array of values to be passed or a datarow variable
–To be even better, if you want to add a datarow to a datatable at a specific position, again you can use invoke method, with object as datatable.Rows and method as InsertAt. Pass the two parameter as one with datarow variable and position of the datarow as integer

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