Add Row Data Output is not in Same Row

Step 1 - I have one CSV file In Which I have taken 7 rows 4 columns, Column names POLICY NO ,Dl NO, DATE,PLACE and entering i a web form application using read csv activity a get row item in DATA TABLE named as dt .
Step 2 – After all fields are done it is giving form gives a Text output claim no which I captured using get text and store in Claim_Num variable.
Step 3 – I am using Add Data Row and same table dt (In first step) in same sheet targeting last column to capture Claim Number, but output is starting from 8th row the last column.

I want to write all the claims number in the same row using Add Data Row,.Please Help

Hi @hkjobs1988,

If you want to update the current row, you may use the Assign activity just like the example below:
row("Claim Number") = varClaimNumber

TnQ v Much acaciomelo, wold you elaborate little more
Do I have to write this in after Add Row Data…??
I am attaching workflow…

ClaimGetRow.xaml (36.6 KB)


Hi @hkjobs1988,

I did some changes in your .xaml following some best practices as well.

Please check it below:
ClaimGetRow.xaml (29.9 KB)