Add Row(adding data table) in smartsheet scope not working

Hi All,

I have a requirement to “add rows”(in excel form) in a particular designated smartsheet after each bot run. Suppose we have 3 incident run-and for each run we are capturing some log messages in an excel-at the very end of each run we need to append in the designated smartsheet. So I did a “read range” from the excel and saving in a data table, then in smartsheet scope accessing the designated smartsheet through access token-then adding “add row” activity(in configure- gave sheet id where to update, the saved data table name, output param) but its not adding/appending the rows in smarsheet. In the output param its showing the row count of the datable-i am assuming which means uipath is able to read the excel but its not writing the values in smartsheet. I have uploaded the screen shot- need suggestions and help.
addrowsmartsheet.docx (465.2 KB)

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Hey @malabikads

Are you getting any error ?


I am not getting any error at all