Add robot license in community orchestrator

I have 2 robot license, need to use it by adding it in Community edition.
can anyone help me with the solution.


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Do you have enterprise robot license and want it to add to Community edition?

In the CE orchestrator the already present licenses can be allotted to different services.
Go to and under the services section you can see and edit the number of robot licenses to each service.

However, as per my experience in the CE account you cannot add more than once service. Thus, all the robot licenses have been added to a single service.

Thanks for your response.

Not able to edit the number of Robot, it says valid input range is between 0-1.


In the platform navigate to the licenses section to see how many robot licenses you have.


As per your update you might be trying to assign Unattended robot to the service. In CE there is only one Unattended robot license. Thus it is saying valid input range is between 0-1


yes it is. That’s my query raised.
How to use my enterprise licensed Robot with Platform orch ?

Please refer to the below post :


Got it. thanks.

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