Add received date of outlook in excel

sorry.i frgt 2 attach

Not in the assign activity. When the process breaks at breakpoint, in the left you can see an immediate panel. There you have to type that. Like this:


its not working…
i m attaching my xaml file pls tell me where i m wrong…
thnks in advance
Status.xaml (12.3 KB)

Please let me know what the error you are getting while searching in immediate window. As an alternate, you can try this as well:


hi i dont konw i m getting a new error
in from_id i got object reference not to set an instance of object…wht does that mean??

It means that the value you are trying to assign is “Null”. Can you please try to get the To value as well like this?

its created bcz somehow other variable is also assigned

it again shows the same error

how to rectify it?

When the process breaks, check the Local panel and copy all the details of the item and send it to me. Make sure you erase all the sensitive data before sending it to me. Will check and let you know.

how to rectify this

Use debug instead of Run. Use a breakpoint inside the for each loop. Copy item details like I mentioned above.

Hi @guptasweb ,

For more Information on How to Debug, please do take a look at the below post :

hi Athira
can i share my xaml files with u in which ucan edit the error bcz i m confused…it will really helpful
Status.xaml (16.2 KB)

xaml files won’t help as it will read mails from my inbox and it’s working for me.

then why From_id is showing error?? object reference not to set an instance of object??

@guptasweb Inorder to check the error please do these steps and let me know.


how to send it?

You can copy those details and remove all the sensitive data and add here/message to me.

MailMessage { AlternateViews=AlternateViewCollection(0) { }, Attachments=AttachmentCollection(1) { Attachment { ContentDisposition=[attachment], ContentId=“0f357c55-97fb-4506-adc0-b5880062e777”, ContentStream=MemoryStream { CanRead=true, CanRead=true, CanSeek=true, CanSeek=true, CanTimeout=false, CanWrite=true, CanWrite=true, Capacity=14848, Length=14848, Length=14848, Position=0, Position=0, ReadTimeout=!, WriteTimeout=! }, ContentType=[application/octet-stream; name=Attachment.msg], Name=“Attachment.msg”, NameEncoding=null, TransferEncoding=Base64 } }, Bcc=MailAddressCollection(0) { }, Body=“”, BodyEncoding=null, BodyTransferEncoding=Unknown, CC=MailAddressCollection(0) { }, DeliveryNotificationOptions=None, From=null, Headers=HeaderCollection(2) { “Uid”, “Message-ID” }, HeadersEncoding=null, IsBodyHtml=false, Priority=Normal, ReplyTo=null, ReplyToList=MailAddressCollection(0) { }, Sender=null, Subject=“”, SubjectEncoding=null, To=MailAddressCollection(0) { } }