Add received date of outlook in excel

i want to extract the recieving outlook mail date in excel??
how to do it bc when i assign "received_date=item.Headers(“Date”) .
it doesnot extract…pls help me guys


Hope item should be of type System.Net.Mail.Message.

If yes then can you please print the received_date variable value and show us the screenshot of it.

for each

Hello @guptasweb ,

You can try with item.Headers(“DateReceived”).toString


it shows an error -Assign: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Give a breakpoint in the assign activity and in the immediate panel, type this and enter:
You can get the corresponding date value from there. For eg in my case it’s like this:


in the ouptut it shows - system.string

it shows-system.string square brackets

You have to search in the immediate panel as I mentioned, not output.

i hve entered this…pls tell me wht i hve entered wrong

Can you please show me the screenshot of how you entered and the output?

sorry.i frgt 2 attach

Not in the assign activity. When the process breaks at breakpoint, in the left you can see an immediate panel. There you have to type that. Like this:


its not working…
i m attaching my xaml file pls tell me where i m wrong…
thnks in advance
Status.xaml (12.3 KB)

Please let me know what the error you are getting while searching in immediate window. As an alternate, you can try this as well:


hi i dont konw i m getting a new error
in from_id i got object reference not to set an instance of object…wht does that mean??

It means that the value you are trying to assign is “Null”. Can you please try to get the To value as well like this?

its created bcz somehow other variable is also assigned

it again shows the same error

how to rectify it?