Add rebots button is inactive

i want to add rebots from orchestrator but the add rebots button is inactive :confused:

i use uipath (version 2019.09.2) and a local orchestrator
someone help me

@Mariem_Jebali Is the Machine Configured?

@supermanPunch Can you more explain plz!!
If you mean if i added a machine from
orchestarator yes i did.

@Mariem_Jebali Can you send the Screenshot of the Machines you are using? :sweat_smile:

@Mariem_Jebali Hi,
I think you don’t have permissions, ask your admin to give you permissions. If you’re the admin, assign permissions to yourself.


Have you clicked Robots under Management section only right. If not then open from there.

As @rmunro said, do you have Admin access ? If not then ask admin to give permissions then only you can create robots and all.

hi guys,
i’m the admin
@supermanPunch this the Screenshot of orchestrator.

i think i can’t create rebots because i don’t have a license !!


Give it a try, assign a developer license by going here:


Can you check that your Subscription is not expired?

@rmunro i think you use cloud orchestrator … i’m using a local orchestrator

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Go to roles tab here in user tab and check whether you got the edit option enabled in your profile
I hope it would be most probably as you are being an admin

Cheers @Mariem_Jebali

yes @Palaniyappan i’m admin

Click on the option at right end of the role name
Called Manage roles in roles tab
There we can check whether we have the edit option enabled or not


Cheers @Mariem_Jebali

@Palaniyappan as you see the check options is disabled but as administrator i can create rebots

These are default roles that cannot be changed or edited for an admin
Fine but I wonder why you are not given the access to create a robot in robot tab
May I know the version of it
Cheers @Mariem_Jebali