Add Queue Items - Adding Duplicate Items After Set Reference Issue

Hi ,


I have set a unique account number into Add queue Item ‘reference’ Property field.

When I run the bot sometime, it’s not updating duplicates, but few times it’s updating Duplicate entry, event though the previous item was in ‘New’ Status.

Any Guess?

Hi @SrenivasanKanna

Can you please confirm whether you have selected Unique Reference as “yes” while creating the queue?


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Hi @SrenivasanKanna,

Follow this suggestion when creating the queue. And go to your addtoqueue activity and mark the continueonError field as true. Because if an item comes in the same reference here, it will get an exception.

You can catch and pass this exception using try catch or you can set this field to true. Setting this field to true means you want to continue on other unlikely errors.


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Thank you! Got it.

Thank you! It Helps.:slight_smile:

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