Add picture from hyperlink in MS-Word

Hello friends,

I have a hyperlink of an invoice-picture --> Example:

If I want to add this picture in Word automatically with the activity “Add Picture”. When I try to do this, I get an error with the message that this is not a file.

When I want to add this picture manually in Word: “Insert” > “Picture” > “local file” > then add the hyperlink in the fieldname, then it works.

Is there any solution/activity in UiPath I can use to add a picture in Word directly from a hyperlink?


DownloadImageIntoWord.xaml (7.3 KB) You need to use an http request found in UiPath.web.activities package see attached from my understanding you would need to download the picture first before putting into word.


Thx cwedl, it works perfectly!
BR. - Robert

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