Add numeric data in a column of excel

Strings are easier to work with, cause they support any value like an empty string. But, I’m not that familiar with using a column type as double.

Thanks It worked.Thankyou buddy

Hi ClaytonM how should it is not working for less than 3.25 Any particular reason?
dt2.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(r) If( IsNumeric(r(“Aging”).ToString.Trim), CDbl(r(“Aging”).ToString.Trim) > .35, False) ).CopyToDataTable

Also Aging Column have integers which is stored as TEXT

Hi @1vivek12
I’m not sure without seeing your data or code. The data can be text, which is what CDbl( .ToString.Trim) does (trims spaces and converts to a number)


Integration_Offenders.xlsx (17.5 KB)

Main - Copy.xaml (44.3 KB)

Hi Please find the Attached file and help me.I want to paste data which has aging > 0.35 and less than 3.25.

can it be i am using Write range in excel activity in between thats why it is not able to give right result in excel?

Apologies. I got busy.

I’m not sure why you were doing certain parts like using a For each to create a table was unnecessary. So what I did was I simplified a few things and used an adjusted method to filter the table by values that are > .35 AND < 3

I went ahead and placed the filepaths into variables so they can be changed easier, and also changed the write range so it just adds a tab to the same file instead of creating multiple files. You can change all that depending on your requirements.

Here is the edited file where the filtering did work and pulled the rows that were between .35 and 3
I, however, could not test the Unique values code cause the Ticket_Id was not a column so I didn’t know which column you were looking at.
Main - Copy.xaml (42.7 KB)

Here is the output I got: Integration_Offenders.xlsx (19.4 KB)

I hope this is helpful. Regards.