Add Not Working Days

This workflow will help you to add no working days bases on excel file.

Its very simple just add to the excel file all days you that a company will not work.

For each row the robot will validate if today its equals to NotWorkingDay in the file, then the robot will not work else the robot will proceed as schedule in Orchestrator.

After Download the Main File and the Excel File just add the 2 files in the same folder and change the path of the excel file to the correct path. (8.0 KB)


Nice work @Luis261980
Anyway i hope you aware Uipath offers that non-working day configuration on orchestrator

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Yes I now that, thx but that solution does not work for everithing you will need :slightly_smiling_face: and these can be useful if you don’t know how to use the calendar api

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That’s great then, keep it up, good work buddy