Add new values to data table

I have an excel file that lists five countries.
I read this as a Read Range and made it a DT. (Let’s call it dtNew)
Then, by using For Each Row, I try to retrieve the exchange rates one by one by pulling out the countries contained in the DT to be created above.
If the extracted country is the United States, after retrieving the US exchange rate, import the value to Get Text and add it to the DT. (Create a new “Exchange Rate” column)
How can I add it to dtNew after getting it with Get Text?

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When u are creating excel itslef try to create column for the exchange rate tok

Now after u get the exchange rate data using get text

Then using assign activitiy

row(exchange rate column Name) = value from get text

Using assign activitiy u can able to save the exchange rate for corresponding row of country


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Dt.Rows(index).Item(Columname) = Your value

For Reference check below
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