Add new line in Comment activity


I’m trying to add a new line in a comment activity but the result is a one line string.
Can someone help me to add the new line?

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Hi @Victor_Stanescu


Ashwin S

Usually whatever we mention in comment will not betaken as a expression Instead it will be taken as a comment only
So instead of using Environment.Newline we can directly mention a blank space between these two text

Cheers @Victor_Stanescu

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Thank you @Palaniyappan
This adds a new line but also a blank line. It is possible to add just a new line?

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Yah ofcourse
We can just type the line one after the other in next line
Cheers @Victor_Stanescu

I’m referring to the line that I marked below

If I delete the bank line from the Text Editor, the lines will join


Hmm ok let me try
Cheers @Victor_Stanescu

This is the result if I delete it

And I want this (I photoshoped) :smile: [image|366x121]

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I tried all the possible ways to do that but it’s not coming to the next abruptly
Unless we have mentioned to the full line till the right end cursor

Cheers @Victor_Stanescu

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Hey @Victor_Stanescu,

Since you tried with Comment Activity please find below possible alternates.

  1. Add Annotations options - When you right click on an activity after you drop them in sequence/Flowchart.

@Victor_Stanescu, you got any Solution for Comment Activity ah?
did you check the Add Annotation option in your flow ?

Yes @Vivek.A.S. Thank you for your suggestion. I use annotation for describing small bytes of code.
I want to use comments for describing larger parts of the project, to copy/paste the steps from PDD.