Add new column acces and if department having marketing or anything replace as per given output

Hi need help getting data from website and want to add 1 more table if in department table value as per given like marketing or anything i want to write new access column with given codes please help

Hi @Ravi_Shirsath,
from my understand you have data table and you want to add another column to it with above data if so find below steps to achive that.
1- After extract employ data table you need to add new column use (Add Data Column) Activity - check below link for that

2- Create For Loop for the extracted data table (Employee Table) and inside the for loop add data row.

Please check and update us if you still has issue :slight_smile:

Hi how i can achieve this using re frame work

Its depend on which steps you need to make from RE Frame Work as for example did you need to make stand alone script to scrap data from Web application and add it to Queue then you will use RE Frame Work to start work on transaction items one by one or you need to make all script in RE Frame work if this you just will need to add scrap data and added it into (Initilization → IntiliALLApplications Workflow) then add other steps in Process Work flow - if this is not clear enough please share with us your project if available to help you :slight_smile:

Mahmoud i have added access column into New dt i want to know how i can pass this values as given in picture of if department contains marketing write in acces column ODC-2, if engineering then in access table odc-3 using refram work like where should I use add data row in initstate or in process state