Add multiple items via API + Loop only certain activities

We are trying to automate the Product ordering process in our procurement website based on the information from the ticket created by the user

User can select multiple different products like (Keyboard ,Headset) in the ticket. Once user created the ticket in our ticket tool. The ticket will have information like Product Names, Qty, EmailAddress…etc

Our developer has developed the Powershell script to get the information( Product Names, Qty ,ect) directly from the ticket and call the Add queue item API in script to add the information from IT ticket data’s to queue in orchestrator

We need to loop only while searching the product and adding the product to cart . Because we need to get information like Product Name and Qty of each different product from queue. Remaining steps are same.

How to loop only those steps in workflow?

Also , how to add different products name and quantity of respective products using Add queue item usind add queue item API . Below payload is adding only one transaction in queue

“itemData”: {
“Name”: “queue3”,
“Priority”: “Normal”,
“SpecificContent”: {
“First”: “Sathish Kumar”,
“First@odata.type”: “#String”,
“Fourth”: “Sathish”,
“shopName”: " webshop",
“srNumber”: “SR10036”,
“location”: “India”,
“productID”: “12345”,
“productName”: “Jabra Headset”,
“emailAddress”: “email address”,
“deliverTO”: “user”,
“date”: “Tue, 28 Sep, 2021”,
“AnotherKey”: true

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Hey @Sathish_Kumar_S

You can directly do bulk add queue items instead of looping through activities.

Bulk add api call will require array of products.

This may help


I am new to uipath
1.How to get only Product ID ,Product Name,Quantity from multiple transaction and Add the products to cart and continue shopping with remaining steps?
2. Can you please provide add bulk items payload and API link?

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Could you please confirm few things,

  1. Is it mandatory to use power shell script or if not we can use uipath directly if you let know what’s the ticketing tool we are working

  2. Does the powershell script return only one product or multiple ?


We are using powershell only get values like (Product ID, Product Name ,Quantity) from ticket and Add the values directly to queue item using Add items to queue API call

This powershell also store those values in Excel sheet… and create new folder with the ticket number in shared path and place the excel file inside the newly created folder

First we thought we can use read range activity to read the values from excel and use “Add items to queue” activity … But the challenge that we are facing here is … Same time multiple users might create ticket and we will have multiple folders +files with different name. we don;t know how to read only one ticket data and complete procurement process of first ticket and star getting second ticket values and complete the procurement process.

When user wants to purchase multiple products like keyboard and headset in single ticket …Some tickets might have multiple products ID and Product name…

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We need to loop only “Product Search”, “Add to Cart” , “Qty” in the workflow by getting the information of different products which we got it from ticket… How to loop only these activity and remaining steps liner. How to do that?


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Got it @Sathish_Kumar_S

So your code is almost done. You need to use foreach loop and iterate the product array for adding it to cart.


Do we have to use Get Transcation data or Read range activity ?

Do i have to add only “Product Search”, “Add to Cart” , “Qty” activities inside for each loop?

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How do i create product array for adding it to cart?