Add Multiple condition to Looping Activity

Dear All,

How can I validate multiple condition inside looping (do while) activity. so from below image.

on first condition I have already assign new varibale as string strDate=“1/09/20” if strdate.equel(result of get text position) than I need o check second condition while I already assign new varible amount =“2000000”.

Hi @modal_hosa1,

it’s not clear to me the issue, can you try to explain it again?

Thank Gabriele,
Well in this case, I want to check if column date equal with my variable value is (7/09/20) if match than try to check amount column it should equal to with my variable strAmount(‘2000000’) of course i need to clarify all the value on my date column and amount column was checking with do while loop activity. for now my workflow is working if I’m using single condition when I set strAmount.trim.equal(FlagAmount) because that only one amount value of “2000000” in list item.
plase correct if my logic is missing.

Thank you