Add log fields Activity has any Fields Limitation

Hi Team,
We are have requirement to use add log fields activity in one of the business process to custom logging. only 14 fields only able to display the log send to robot to Orchestrator and inserting in to DB Logs table. Please let us know if there is any limitations for this activity. we have send more than 20 fields.

Example Logs

“message”: “Delete execution ended”,
“level”: “Information”,
“logType”: “Default”,
“timeStamp”: “11:32:31”,
“processVersion”: “”,
“robotName”: “Test-Bot”,
“machineId”: 2,
“totalExecutionTimeInSeconds”: 1,
“totalExecutionTime”: “00:00:01”,
“fileName”: “Log Report”,
Customer Fields start here
“Temp Start Time”: “08/27/2019”,
“Temp End Time”: “08/28/2019”,
“Temp Status”: “Partially Completed”,
“Temp No of Steps Complete”: 16,
“Temp No of Steps Incomplete”: 89,
“Total Steps Processed”: 20,
“Steps Complete”: “Testing”,
“Steps Incomplete”: “Testing”,
“Percentage Complete”: 89,
“Legal Name”: “XXXX”,
“Temp EMail”: “”,
“Test”: “Test”,
“Test”: “Test”,
“Test”: “Test”,
“Test”: “Test”,
“Test”: “Test”,
“Test”: “Test”,


I hope we don’t have any such restriction
Fine let’s test it
We can see the number of columns in the dB table right
May I know how many columns are there in your dB table for logs with its arguments

Cheers @ranganathan8929

@Palaniyappan - Thanks for your response, DB side don’t have any issue. Logs are not transmitting to robot to Orchestrator. i found the issue i guess , it’s bug on Uipath robot services(WCF or Other services).Let me test and confirm it in couple hours.


Hi Team,

Found the issue in the Add log activity, if you are using the fields name as “Source” log is not transmitting robot to Orchestrator. Avoid using the Source as field names.Hope this helps


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