Add license url metadata to my package to upload it to marketplace

Hi all,

I am trying to upload a package created in the marketplace. However it has bounced with the following message.
Can anyone help me how to manage to add license URL metadata? because that’s the only thing I’m missing.


Thanks for your support in advance.

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Hey @Jean_Piere_Ochoa

Refer the below thread please


Sorry, I do not understand very well the steps to follow to achieve what you indicate. Do I have to go into the source code and create a .nuspec there? Additionally, what URL do I use? since there you mention that I should add a URL, but I don’t know which one.
Thanks in advance for the support.

Hi @Jean_Piere_Ochoa

Do those links help a little bit?

Hi @Jean_Piere_Ochoa,

Can you share please the name of your listing? Also, to edit the .nupkg file, you need to download the NuGet Package Explorer and open the package with it, then click on the Edit Metadata button. After you fill in the requested detail - license URL (needs to be the same license as the one you selected in the Create listing form). Don’t forget to go to File → and Save.

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