Add item to the queue via SQL script file


I was wondering if there is a way to insert item in the orchestration queue via a scheduled SQL batch file(not using UiPath activities, UiPath bot). Any leads will be helpful.

Pratiksha Srivastava

Hi Pratiksha,

No as far as I know.

If it were me, I would look at using the orchestrator API’s to achieve this. The general idea would be that you would write a basic application that does what your batch file is doing, except instead of writing direct to the database you would use the API (

The reason is that generally you would avoid writing directly to an applications database, especially one that has an API built to handle such a requirement.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for replying. My source of input is SQL DB. I basically aim to continuously hit the SQL db and if any new transaction comes there, pick it up and put in the UiPath orchestrator so, that the multiple bots can process it.