Add ins in excel does not load


I am facing the same issue - i want to Loop over a bunch of files and do some updates in them. But for that, I do require an SAP AddIn (SAP BO Analysis).
I can get that to run using Start Process and do everything there - but it would be really helpful if I could use the Excel Scope Activity in order to utilize some other functionalities.

Anyone got Addins working in the ESA?

Were you referring to ‘Execute Macro’ activity?

Excuse me.
I am also embarrassed that “excel add-in” can not be loaded with UIPATH.
SAP’s add-in.
How did it finally correspond?
If you can tell it, I am fortunate

We ended up scrapping it for RPA as we had developed a VBA solution instead. I never did get it resolved, except to open excel using the start process activity first like I mentioned in the EDIT portion of my post

Dear Dave.
1 Start excel with start process
2 Execution of addin is handled by VBA
Is it said that correspondence was said?


Hi @Gabriel_Tatu, I am meeting the same problem, the “excel application scope” activities can’t load “smart view” add-ins, so the SV VBA connect function doesn’t work. Could you help, many thanks!

I am having the same issue and Excel Application scope cannot load power query add-in in Excel 2013. any advice?

Even if it does load smartview - good luck using it without issues, it’s nigh on impossible to accurately and consistently automate. I’ve been trying for literally a year, others at my place have given up. Have you had any luck?

What I did to get it to open is use kill processes first to ensure there is no instance of excel running at all on the PC, this means that when you use excel application scope it will open a fresh instance of excel which will have SmartView showing. But from there good luck, just this week with no change to SV, Excel or anything else, the Refresh button can no longer be found…

Any Update here?