Add if conditions inside an email template

I am trying to create an automation which will send an email and the content within that email will be different based on a bunch of different conditions (about 20 different ones).

Example of the email,
Subject: {(Payment Due)/(PAID)()} Social Media Report {current date in medium form i.e. October 10}
{Show (Payment Due) if column P is empty, show (PAID) if column P has the words autopay, paid, or PREPAID, do not show either of them if the word stop is in column O or P}

Hello {name}! {<-- Should be taken from column Q}
{I hope you are well! Another month of has gone by and it is time to share the results and renew for another month! I also wanted to remind you one last time if you are interested I have some new pricing options that can give you discounted service if you pre-pay for a certain amount of time! Please see below. {show this only if column M has a 2}{If they have the word autopay or PREPAID in column P, you can remove the third and fourth sentence}

The problem is I have a bunch more conditions! And having it setup so that I have a bunch of if conditions

and if each condition contains a different email will get really messy, the if statements would become really long, and I would be copy pasting the same email multiple times, editting the variations, and finally there will be so many different variations with 20 different conditions.

So my question is how can I setup the email so that I only have one send email activity and within it I structure it in a way like how I gave the example above. Where portions of the email have to be added and removed based on certain conditions.