Add html table individually to employee and send email to individual employee

Hello Team,

I am trying to put html table individually and send the email to each of them .
I have got attached xaml but when i am trying for each loop and variable i am not getting the data in table format it gives with tags.
Also , i am able to send email only to one person not dynamic persons.
Please help me out siExcelToMail.xaml (22.2 KB) nce i am new i do not have much knowledge how to proceed further.input.xlsx (9.4 KB)


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I have attached my flow in the below file try once if it is works for you then well n good

Some modifications may required based on your requirements (21.7 KB)




Thanks for your reply,but i got the same result when i worked upon , but i wanted

The above two seperately when i send emp 123 then only first data should be sent to him similarly the second

Yes it can be done…
With in the same loop, after each itteration you just need to create a html for each row and attach to the mail and send


Hello @Ajju

I am struggling since two days for the same thing , can you please attach the xaml for the above as you said.
It will be helpful :slight_smile:

check the below link

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