Add GDPR to name of a file

Hi, I would likt to add the GDPR to every item in a folder like “GDPR”+filename.
I have for each loop in this direction but I dont really know what activities to choose now to rename it.

Thanks for help


in general we can do with move file:

and could go into a direction like:

Yeee, that could work. How do I get the path of the file to store in oldfillfilepath?

we can work with the FileInfo class:

Thats weird but I get:
Move File: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

This file is in a for each loop but is not used to be honest. It is just a normal image from email.

in such cases it helps to check in taskmanager / other process inspection tool for the process blocking the resource. Good thing is, that this issue comes from another direction and the implementing statement can be kept.

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